Our History

WPOWER started its business, back in 2001, by providing the excellent zinc-air batteries with millions of satisfied customers around the world, providing the opportunity to expand the product range into the general purpose alkaline batteries, and more products are on the way.

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Learn about the battery distribution business and how you can join our team of sales representatives.  It is an opportunity you might not want to miss!

Our Mission

Building just another battery is not our goal.  Instead, we want to become a daily presence in your life, giving you  battery power that you can rely on. With our growing presence in your life, we are all preserving our future, by building a safer and healthier place for the next generations. We are committed to always work to offer a dependable product and protect the environment. We will meet your energy needs.


Employment Opportunities

Sales Representative - Entry Level or Experienced

Our Sales Representatives offer general purpose and hearing aid battery products for resellers. As a WPOWER® agent, you will provide contact, supply, and consultation to create an innovative solution that best fits the needs of each individual client.

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